Internal Rules

1. Entry conditions

The campsite administrator must allow you to be admitted, to enter, settle and stay on the campsite by ensuring that rules and safety are being followed so as to maintain order on the campsite.

Staying on the campsite « Les Murmures du Lignon », implies full acceptance of the internal rules and an undertaking to comply with them. For that purpose, the administrator may refuse the access to anyone who breaks the rules.

The Internal Rules are available on request or through displays at reception for any campsite resident.

Any person wishing to stay at least one night at the campsite has to check in at the reception desk with proof of identity and fill in the booking form and fully pay the service.

2. Settling down

Tents, caravans or motorhomes and folding caravans must be placed on a designated camping pitch in accordance with the guidance provided by the campsite administrator.
Under no circumstances may a camper settle down, make or repair electrical connections, or even change location on his own.

By his attitude, the tenant must not put the campsite owner in contravention of the provisions of the French Town Planning Code and more precisely concerning the R480-7th article relating to the grading of sites used for accommodating campers and caravans and sites mentioned in the R444-3rd article stipulating that « … It’s strictly forbidden :

  • to store or add used items, wood or tin shed on both pitches or common areas
  • to leave light leisure accommodations or vehicles in a dilapidated state,
  • not to maintain the existing vegetation. »

In that sense, and without prejudice of any possible measures that could be taken by the owner of the campsite to enforce the provisions of this article, dilapidated or deteriorated mobile homes must be removed or replaced by their owner.

3. Reception desk

During the peak period, from July 1st to August 31st , the office located in the bar is open from 9am to 7pm or according to what is written at the entrance.

4. Using common rooms

The bar and the common room as well as their furniture are made available to campers according to the permanently displayed timetable.

As a general rule, those establised hours correspond to the usual opening of the reception desk during the day.

Adequate care for minor children belongs to the parents or any person entrusted with this care responsibility.

Animals are not allowed in the common rooms.

5. Rates

The price is based on the number of nights spent in the campsite, calculated from noon to noon, and the totality of the fees for any night started is due.

The reservation request must be accompanied by a deposit of 30% downpayment of the total amount. The balance for the stay and a safety deposit for the rental accommodations are to be paid on arrival.

This deposit will be handed back upon departure.

In case of departure out of the fixed opening hours, the deposit will be sent by mail, but if any damage is found or cleaning has not been done or the inventory is not complete, the estimated cost will be deducted from it.

Guests are in charge of cleaning (except if cleaning fee has been paid), and if it’s not carried out, a cleaning fee has to be paid.

Campsite users are asked to inform the reception desk of their departure on the day before they leave.

6. Tourist tax

An intercommunal tourist tax was issued on 17th December 2004 by the « Haut-Lignon » municipalities community (The CCHL = la Communauté de Communes du Haut-Lignon) to promote the development of tourism.
It is currently 0,60 € per night and per adult but is free for children under 18.

In this respect, it is recalled that accommodation providers have to collect the tourist tax.
Failure to comply with this obligation results in penalty.
In compliance with articles R 2333-58 and R 2333-68 of the French General Code for Local Authorities, a penal system of penalties is applicable to infringements of this regulation.

7. Respect for others / Tranquillity / Domestic animals

Campsite users are urged to avoid noises and discussions which could bother the neighbours.

Audio devices volume must be regulated accordingly.

Car doors and boots should be closed as discretely as possible. Dogs and other animals may not be allowed to run at large. They should not be left alone in the campsite, or locked in alone, as their owner is civilly liable for them. ( owners can take their dogs for toileting outside the campsite or must dispose of their dog’s poop properly ).

For obvious safety reasons, speed is limited to 10 km/h inside the campsite (where vehicles are allowed). No traffic is allowed between 10pm and 7am.
Only vehicles belonging to guests staying on the campsite are allowed on the campsite, visitors’cars are not.

Silence must be complete between 10.00 p.m. and 7 a.m.

8. Visitors

All visitors to the campsite must report to the reception desk on arrival, and they must pay the current rate. They are under the responsability of the camper who has invited them and must follow the Internal Rules.

If they stay overnight, for safety reasons, a maximum of 6 people will be authorized per pitch.

9. General aspect of the installations and pitches

Dirty water must not be emptied onto the ground, into the gutters, at the base of trees, or in the vicinity of caravans.

Caravanners must empty wastewaters in the facilities foreseen to this effect.

Household waste, waste of any sort and papers must be put in the containers for garbage and their lid must be closed after use.

All campers must refrain from any action which may be detrimental to the cleanliness, hygiene or appearance of the site and its installations, notably the toilet/washing facilities.

Washing outside the specific sinks is strictly forbidden.

It is also forbidden to stretch a clothesline between the trees on the pitch.

Children are fordidden to play in the washing facilities .

Very young children should always be there with their parents.

It is forbidden to put nails, to make slits or to cut branches in trees or to make plantations.

Plants and floral decorations must be respected.

It is also forbidden to delimit the location of accommodation on your own or to dig holes.

Campers have to fill gullies to drain waterfalls before departure.

Any damage caused to vegetation, fences or campground facilities will have to be paid by his author.

The pitch used during the stay must be left the same way the camper found it upon his arrival

10. Safety

a) Fire – Open fires (wood or charcoal, etc …) are strictly prohibited .Any cooking apparel needs to be in perfect working order and may not be used under hazardous conditions.
In case of fire, notify the campsite administrator immediately.
A fire extinguisher and a first-aid kit are located at the reception desk.

b) Thelfs – Report immediately to the campsite administrator the presence in the camp of any suspicious person.
Although guarding is assured, campers are asked to take all reasonable precautions to safeguard their belongings and their installations from theft or bad weather (no item should be left outside : no bike, no food, no article of clothing …).
It is up to campers to ensure they have contracted an insurance covering civil liability and to ensure they have taken their own insurance covering material or equipment (tent, caravan, trailer, mobile home …).
The SAS GIBOZ will not accept any responsability for theft , vandalism, loss of personal belonging and/or various instances of damage within the campsite.

c) Bathing in the river We wish to remind you that, for safety reasons, bathing is prohibited in the river « Le Lignon ». No parking or occupation of the site in the lower part of the campsite is permitted due to the risk of flooding.

11. Swimming pool

The campsite swimming pool is a private pool for collective use only, which means that swimming is not supervised.

The swimming pool opening hours are indicated on its display panel.

Access to the swimming pool (and its decks) is only for campsite residents. (This area is off limits to visitors).

Before entering the pools, bathers have to take a shower and cross the footbath. They must not use the footbath for purposes other than intended.

Access is only authorized to persons wearing trunks, shorts are prohibited, even concerning children.

The safety and security rules displayed on the panel at the entrance must be respected (do not run ….) .

Children under 16 or non swimmers must be accompanied by an adult.

Any person who do not comply with this rule will be asked to leave the pool and, in the case of continuing misconduct, will be asked to leave the campsite.

12. Games

It remains forbidden to organize any violent or noisy game in the vicinity of facilities or in the bar and the common room.

Children should always be properly supervised by their parents.
The SAS GIBOZ , owner of the campsite, declines any responsability for accidents that may occur to children.
Children should always be under the exclusive supervision of their parents, who bear civil and criminal responsabilities, especially when they use games available for freeplay.

13. Storage

Unoccupied equipment may be left on the pitch only after the agreement of the campsite administrator and only on an indicated pitch.

A supplementary fee must be paid for this storage option (except for mobile homes). Storage is a dedicated place for parking equipment but no security nor surveillance will be provided.

14. Information display

These internal rules are displayed at the entrance of the campsite and at the reception desk. They are given to the camper upon request.

15. Environmental approach

The campsite is committed to an environmental approach and we are counting on the engagement of each person to meet our commitments.

Selective waste sorting is mandatory.

The use of products that may be hazardous and toxic is prohibited.

The use of any weed killer is strictly prohibited.

16. Image rights

During your stay at the campsite, you are likely to be photographed or filmed for the design and production of advertisement media (unless you advised your opposition in writing at the reception).

17. Infrigements of this regulation

In case a resident disturbs the stay of other occupants or fails to execute any of his obligations , the campsite administrator may issue a formal notice, orally or in writing, to stop his disruptive behaviour.

In the event of a serious or repeated infringement to these internal rules and after receiving formal notice from the campsite administrator requesting compliance, the administrator has the right to cancel the contract.

In the event of a criminal offence, the administrator may call the police.